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Environment and Cultural Heritage Policy

Our Aim

At Middlemount Coal, we are committed to maintaining a sustainable balance between economic development and the protection of the natural environment.

Our goal is to not only meet our environmental and cultural heritage obligations, but strive to exceed in all facets, therefore ensuring the protection of our environmental values within the Middlemount Mine as well as our surrounding communities.

Our Objectives

Our Environment and Cultural Heritage Management System includes but is not limited to:

  • Planning work activities so as to meet all environmental, sustainability and cultural heritage legislation and guidelines
  • Operating an environmentally sound and cultural aware business
  • Reporting and recording environmental practices, including greenhouse gas emissions, as part of our environmental and quality management system
  • Reviewing and auditing our environmental procedures to enable continual improvement.

Our Commitment

Middlemount Coal is committed to:

  • Comply with legislation concerned with the production, minimisation and disposal of waste and the control of hazardous substances, dust and industrial noise
  • Comply with government acts and requirements for the protection of our cultural heritage
  • Comply with legislation and regulations concerned with energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Act with due regard for the requirements and expectations of our of all our key stakeholders
  • Encourage employee education and participation in improving environmental awareness and practice
  • Encourage employee education in cultural heritage awareness
  • Implement an environmental audit and reporting system, to continually improve our environmental management system
  • Minimise waste generation and dispose of waste responsibly
  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and the subsequent implementation of operational changes in response to opportunities that have been identified
  • Rehabilitate areas no longer required for mining processes.


Our policies will be reviewed from time to time to ensure they remain adequate, encourage best practice and drive our Environmental and Cultural Heritage planning and continuous improvement processes.
Gerrie Jordaan
Chief Executive Officer

This policy applies to employees, management and contractors within Middlemount Coal and requires the full cooperation and assistance of all personnel.

Offset Management Plan

The Middlemount Coal Mine Offset Management Plan/Vegetation Management Plan to offset the impacts to EPBC listed threatened species and ecological communities has been approved under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act,  (EPBC Act) and Queensland Nature Conservation Act (NC Act).  For enduring protection, an offset area of over 3000ha has been secured through a legally binding voluntary declaration (VDec) under the QLD Vegetation Management Act,  

The Middlemount Coal Project Stage 2 Compliance Report for 2017 can be downloaded here

The Middlemount Coal Project North-eastern Extension Compliance Report for 2017 can be downloaded here

This Offset Management Plan/Vegetation Management Plan can be downloaded here.  

The Middlemount Coal Mine Compliance Report for 2013 can be downloaded here.

The Middlemount Coal Mine Compliance Report for 2014 can be downloaded here.

The Middlemount Coal Mine Compliance Report for 2015 can be downloaded here.

The Middlemount Coal Mine Compliance Report for 2016 can be downloaded here.

For further information regarding this plan please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Mining Lease Applications


Middlemount Coal applied for Additional Surface Area on ML70379 on 12 September 2018.  The application can be found here.

A mining lease application for ML700027 was applied for on 10 January 2018.  The application can be found here

The Mining Lease Notice for the above mining leases was issued by the Delegate of the Chief Executive on the 21 September 2018.



Cultural Heritage Centre

 Establishing the Middlemount Coal Cultural Heritage Community Facility near the Middlemount Mine site has been a collaborative arrangement between the Middlemount Coal and the Traditional Owners, building on the consultative and inclusive relationship established and maintained between the Parties.

The Centre has been created for the long term protection and housing of salvaged artefacts and for the purposes of training and meetings. The facility includes a meeting room and artefact storage areas.


Community News

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