Environment and Community

At Middlemount Coal, we are committed to maintaining a sustainable balance between economic development and the protection of the natural environment.

Our goal is to not only meet our environmental and cultural heritage obligations, but strive to exceed in all facets, therefore ensuring the protection of our environmental values within the Middlemount Mine as well as our surrounding communities.






The Middlemount Coal Mine Offset Management Plan provides for the management of numerous environmental offset areas held by Middlemount Coal Pty Ltd (MCPL). 


The offset areas cover an area of approximately 5,861 hectares.  This area is required to address eight different offset requirements. There are three Commonwealth Offset Areas under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act, 1999 covered in this plan:   


• Middlemount Coal (Stage 2) Project Commonwealth Offset Area;  

• North-eastern Extension Commonwealth Offset Area; and  

• Western Extension Commonwealth Offset Area. 


There are also five State (Qld) Offset Areas covered in this plan:   


• Rail Loop and Spur Offset Area;  

• Parrot Quarry Offset Area;  

• Thirteen Mile Gully Diversion Offset Area;  

• North-eastern Extension State Offset Area; and  

• Western Extension State Offset Area.  


Each approval has specific requirements; however, the aim is generally that the extent and condition of the habitat values of threatened species and communities within the offset areas are protected and enhanced, including currently degraded areas to be brought back to remnant status. 




Middlemount Coal acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. Middlemount Coal pays our respect to Elders past, present and emerging. 


Middlemount Coal is located on the traditional lands of the Barada Barna People & Barada Kabalbara Yetimarala People.  The Barada Barna’s traditional land covers the northern half of the mine and the Barada Kabalbara Yetimarala’s traditional land covers the southern half of the mine.  


Middlemount Coal has a deep respect for the traditional land ownership and cultural heritage values of the area.  Middlemount Coal is very proud of its Indigenous cultural heritage and strong relationships with its traditional owners.  

The Cultural Heritage Centre


The establishment of the Middlemount Coal Cultural Heritage Centre has been a collaborative arrangement between Middlemount Coal and the Traditional Owners, building on the consultative and inclusive relationship established and maintained between the Parties. 


The Centre has been created for the long-term protection and housing of salvaged artefacts and for the purposes of training and meetings. The facility includes a meeting room, artefact storage areas and scar tree display.