Health and Safety

At Middlemount Coal we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, where everyone is protected from injury or illness. 

Our aim is to ensure that our Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) is integrated into all core aspects of our operation, and we develop a culture that is deemed best practice, incorporating risk management elements and practices, with clearly defined and measurable objectives and responsibilities.  

It is accepted that the success of these objectives depends on commitment from all levels and functions within the company, especially from senior management. 



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The MINeDSafe initiative has been an introduction to the psychology of an individual’s decision-making process.  This could be from the smallest unconscious decisions we make every micro-second of the day, to the large conscious based safety decisions we make daily. 


MINeDSafe focuses on nine areas of personal growth that we have been developing since we were infants:

  • Values, beliefs and ethics

  • Habits and goals

  • Self-concept and self-efficiency

  • Multiple intelligences

  • Personality, strengths and shadows

  • Purpose and meaning

  • Well-being and self-care

  • Empowerment and responsibility

  • Mindset, thinking and coping styles

  • Emotional and social intelligence

  • Sub-conscious and conscious

By understanding and focusing on these personal growth areas, when we reach a ‘decision point’ requiring a large or small response, we can make the choice to gain a positive or negative outcome.

Because our department essentially incorporates the Health, Safety and Training of Coal Mine Workers, we believe that by improving oneself in these areas we will have a much more knowledgeable, practical and trained workforce, that is able to achieve positive outcomes when a decision is required.

Learning and Development



The definition of Training is an organised activity aimed at imparting information and / or instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge and / or skill.

At Middlemount Coal we believe that the development of our people instils a ‘walk tall’ outlook and encourages our people to develop a fresh and positive perspective towards work and life.

Adult learning and development are defined as all forms of learning undertaken by adults after having left initial education and training, however far this process may have gone. Education and training of our people are critical factors for achieving our strategic business objectives, including raising the commercial entity, individual competitiveness and workforce inclusion.

The five areas of focus here at Middlemount Coal are:

The core function of this process is :


'Supplying people with the ability required to accomplish organisational goals.'

Healthy Roads



Health is a state of well-being. It reflects the complex interaction of an individual’s genetics, lifestyle choices and environment. Overall health can be influenced by a number of things but generally depends on two aspects: determinants and interventions. Determinants are the correlated factors that influence our overall health and interventions are the things we do to improve our overall health and prevent ill health.

Health determinants are interrelated factors that influence overall health. These health determinants are subcategorised into four groups: contextual factors (culture and affluence), socioeconomic characteristics (education and employment), health behaviours (physical activity and dietary behaviour) and biomedical factors (blood pressure and blood cholesterol).

Healthy Roads is a Middlemount Coal initiative that was developed based on Australian Mining statistics and research of chronic diseases.  Most of which have been identified as a major cause of lost work time within the overall working population.

Healthy Roads’ main objective is to develop a health index measurement that shows the combined BMI of Middlemount Coal. Why? BMI is a lead indicator of chronic health conditions such as obesity, chronic respiratory conditions, musculoskeletal issues and mental health wellness. The overall intention of Healthy Roads is to be informative, enjoyable and create a mature, healthy workforce.