Middlemount Coal


Middlemount Operations


Middlemount Coal Mine is located approximately 90 kilometres north-east of Emerald and some 7 kilometres west of the township of Middlemount in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

it is a great single-pit operation because all decisions and plans are specific for here and tailored to our site


Middlemount Coal Mine is an open-cut coal mine which uses conventional truck and shovel methods. Middlemount commenced its full-scale operations in November 2011 with a current mine life expectancy estimated to be more than 24 years.

Middlemount Coal Pty Ltd (Middlemount) is an incorporated joint venture between Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd and Yancoal Australia Ltd.

The mine produces semi-hard coking coal and medium-volatile pulverized coal injection (PCI) coal for the export market. This coal is washed and cleaned on site to remove impurities to become a product that meets the customers’ requirements before being loaded.

Middlemount has contracted rail and port capacity through Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) and Abbot Point Port (APCT); however the marketing of the coal is conducted by Peabody and Yancoal on Middlemount’s behalf.

Employees enjoying working for Middlemount Coal as “it is a great single-pit operation because all decisions and plans are specific for here and tailored to our site”.


Middlemount Coal Mine operates and maintains its own on site processing plant which produces approximately 4.1Million tonnes per annum from some 5.4 Million tonnes per annum of run of mine (ROM) output.

This coal is all processed on site and follows the below preparation method:

Screening into different size fractions
Physical, chemical or mechanical processes to remove impurities.

Coal cleaning and processing is a very important procedure as it removes the non-combustible material to provide carbon emission reduction, reduces the transportation costs and meets customers specifications.

After the coal has been processed it is then loaded onto train by conveyor.

Maintenance - Mobile Plant

Middlemount Coal operates a large mobile fleet of various machinery in maintenance partnerships with Mackellar Group, Hastings Deering, and Kal Tire Australia.

The Middlemount fleet consists of:

  • 1 x 9400 excavator, owned by Middlemount Coal, maintained by Mackellar Group.
  • 13 x 794AC trucks, owned by Middlemount Coal, maintained by Hastings Deering.
  • 4 x 996B excavators, 2 x 9400 excavators, 22 x 789C trucks, 6 x 793F trucks, 5 x 785 trucks and various ancillary equipment, owned and maintained by Mackellar Group.

Middlemount’s Partnerships

Mackellar Group

started on-site as a small dozer push contract in 2015 and has evolved into an ongoing contract for the supply of the majority of the mine’s mobile fleet including full maintenance services.

An industry leader in the mining and civil earthmoving industries with over 50 years’ experience they operate a large fleet of heavy earthmoving equipment across Australia. They take pride in their people, their safety culture, and in maintaining their equipment to a high standard.

Mackellar Group currently runs the main workshop and maintenance processes, and all the refuelling and in-pit servicing on-site, placing a strong focus on safety and mine performance and profitability.

Hastings Deering

provide a complete range of Cat mining solutions, including surface mining and underground mining, Hastings Deering delivers unrivalled solutions and expertise to keep your mining operations moving, productive and safe.

When Middlemount Coal was looking for a way to remove overburden more efficiently at its operations in the Bowen Basin of Queensland, Australia, the mine collaborated with Caterpillar and Cat® dealer Hastings Deering to find the optimal truck for the site: One that would maximize truck payload without increasing overall weight. The solution is the Cat 794 AC.

Hastings Deering maintain all 13 x Cat 794AC on site at Middlemount Coal.

Kal Tire Australia performing all tyre management services on site.